Hotel PM

Define Maintenance Tasks

The Hotel PM program uses predefined Maintenance Tasks to simplify the process of entering data for the equipment in your hotel. Standard maintenance tasks releave you from having to enter tasks repeatedly when entering similar pieces of equipment. Standard tasks are identifed by the equipment category and subcategory.

Data Menu

From the Menu Bar select Data then click on Maintenance Tasks. This will open the Standard Maintenance Task list, similar to the one shown below. From this screen you can Add, Edit or Delete maintenance tasks for your hotel.

Task List

Click the Add button at the bottom of the window to open the Maintenance Task form, below. This form shows the data for a new maintenance task. The "Task Name" is a 20 character string that is used to identify this particular mainenance task. To establish a standard the predefined task names all include a 1 or 2 character prefix for the category, a dash, an abbreviation for the subcategory, and a three digit number for the frequency. Task names should be unique.

Adding a Maintenance Task

The Category, Subcategory and Frequency are selected from drop-down lists. If a frequency of "Other" is selected then you will have to supply the actual number of days in the text box next to the frequency. For all other frequencies the number of days is predefined. In the Service Time text box enter the estimated time required to perform this task in hours. The Instruction text box allows you to enter the details of the maintenance task youare defining. These instructions are printed on the actual work orders generated by the PM program.


In the Instruction text box you can use the "Enter" key to place your instructions on a new line. The "Tab" key has special meaning to widows programs and cannot be used in the Instruction text box.


After you have entered all of the relevant information click the Add Task button. Since many types of equipment require maintenance at more than one time interval the PM program will save the task, then blank the "Task Name", while leaving the "Add Maintenance Task" form open, see below. You can then enter data for additional tasks, changing the Instructions, Frequency or other information as appropriate.

Task Added

After you have added one or more maintenace tasks click the Close button to exit the "Add Maintenance Task" form and return to the "Standard Maintenance Task" list. The task list is not update until the Close button has been clicked. In the figure below, the new task has been highlighted to make it stand out.

Updated Task List

Once all of the required maintenance tasks have been entered you are ready to add equipment using the new equipment category and subcategory information.


Adding Equipment


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