Hotel PM

Missing Subcategory

In some cases the subcategory for "In Room HVAC" units was omitted from the AssetTrack generated database files. This does not have any noticeable side effects until you have to edit the equipment information for an "In Room HVAC" or PTAC unit. In such cases the subcategory value for the equipment will be blank and the Hotel PM will not let you "Update" the information for the piece of equipment unless a subcategory is specified.


To correct the problem please follow the steps outlined below to add the necessary subcategory data to your hotel database.


While we are on the subject of "In Room HVAC" units let's look at the new features added in version 2.0.1 for controlling the use of "In Room HVAC" units.


Adding the Guestroom PTAC Subcategory

Printing the Equipment Category List

In Room HVAC Preferences


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