Hotel PM

Guest Rooms

Begin by defining the guest rooms in your hotel.


1.      First enter the frequency with which Guest rooms are checked.  This has to be entered in days (i.e. 90 for quarterly or 120 for three times a year).

2.      Next enter the estimated amount of time needed to PM a room.  This must be done in hours (i.e. .5 for half an hour.)

3.      Enter a default Next Due Date; you will be able to customize this in a later step.

4.      The building field allows those hotels that have more than 1 guest room building to indicate so.  If you have only 1 building, enter A in this field for all floors.

5.      Enter each floor number in the column provided.

6.      Enter the Lowest numbered room on the selected floor.

7.      Enter the Highest numbered room on the selected floor.

8.      The remaining fields, on each row, allow you to indicate any room numbers that are skipped in the range between your Lowest and Highest entered room.  This will allow the program to quickly create an individual entry for every Guest room in the hotel.


The image below shows the data for the first three floors of a hotel. Our rooms are serviced every 90 days, that is quarterly. It takes an estimated 1.5 hours to service a guest room and our next service date was selected to be 2/1/2004. In this hotel we have rooms 101 to 142 on the first floor, rooms 201 to 242 on the second floor and rooms 301 to 330 on the third floor. Room numbers 113, 123, 133, 213, 223, 233, 313, and 329 not not exist; so they are entered in the skip columns.

Guest Rooms

You can enter much more detail for your Guest rooms, including: detailed descriptions, inventory items (televisions, etc.), and special instructions about the maintenance of each specific room.  For instructions on how to add these details, check out the Help instructions included in the program.

When you have completed all the necessary entries on this screen click the Next button.

Meeting Rooms


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