Hotel PM

Meeting Rooms

This step in the Room Setup Wizard allows you to declare your Meeting Rooms for the Hotel PM program. These are conference rooms, ballrooms or other rooms that use the common check list established for Meeting Rooms.

1.      First enter the frequency with which Meeting Rooms are checked.  This has to be entered in days
(i.e. 90 for quarterly or 120 for three times a year).

2.      Next enter the estimated amount of time needed to PM a Meeting room. 
This must be done in hours (i.e. .5 for half an hour.)

3.      Enter a default Next Due Date; you will be able to customize this in a later step.

4.      For each Meeting room enter a 10 character abbreviation.

5.      Enter the full name or a description for each Meeting room.

Meeting Rooms

The figure above shows a hotel with three meeting rooms. The Room Setup Wizard has room for up to 25 Meeting Rooms. If your hotel has more than 25 meeting rooms the rest can be added manually after the wizard is finished.

When you have completed entering the data for your Meeting Rooms click Next, to proceed to Public Spaces.

Public Spaces


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