Hotel PM

Using Asset Track

Asset Track is the on-line component for managing the equipment in your hotel. This is the beginning point for the collection of information about the major pieces of equipment in your hotel. Once information about all of your equipment has been entered into the Asset Track system a Hotel PM database canbe generated for your hotel.


You begin the data collection process by logining in to the Asset Track system for you management company. You should have already been given the Hotel Code and Password for your hotel. Enter this information on the Login screen then click the Login button or press the Enter key.

Login Screen

This will get you access to current Asset (Equipment) information for your hotel. The first time you login there will be no information for your hotel. The sections at the bottom of this page provide information on basic functions of the Asset Track system.


Please note that if you are going to stop using the Asset Track system for more than 3 or 4 minutes you should logout.


Adding Equipment

Editting Equipment

Equipment Categories


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